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UBUNG Micro/Mini Bus Station (Terminal Ubung) at Denpasar City


– All Details to Know About Ubung Micro/Mini Bus Station –

Ubung Bus station_2



When you travel to Denpasar by bus, most possibly you will stop at Ubung terminal. This bus stop that is the biggest terminal in Bali is located in an area with the same name of it. This terminal becomes transit place for buses connecting Denpasar with other cities in Bali such as Tabanan, Batu bulan and Singaraja. Also connecting Denpasar with other cities in Indonesia such as Mataram, Banyuwangi, Surabaya etc.

*) Since October 23rd 2017, all the bus not stop at Ubung anymore. They will stop at Mengwi bus station. Today Ubung used as transport station for city and inter regencies (Minibus Station).


*) The picture above taken before October 23rd 2017 or before The Transportation Rules applied. Today no more big/long bus at Ubung.


Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto, Denpasar, Bali 80116.

About 5.6 km northwest of Denpasar zero kilometer or 20 minutes.
About 21 km southwest of Ubud or 50 minutes.
About 13 km northeast of Kuta beach or 45 minutes.
About 17 km northeast of Ngurah Rai airport or 50 minutes.



There are some kind of transport to reach Ubung Micro/Mini bus station. You can use Micro/Mini bus or Angkot/Bemo/Suzuki Carry to Ubung bus station.

From KUTA :
Please to reach Kuta Central Parking first – Then, find Mini/Micro Bus Shelter/Halte.
Then take a Mini/Micro Bus at Kuta Central Parking – Stop at Tegal Sari Mini/Micro Bus Station.
Then take a Bemo/Angkot/Suzuki Carry at Tegal Sari  – Stop at Ubung Mini/Micro Bus Station.

  • Fee: IDR 15K + IDR 15K.
  • Timetable: No.

*) Better you order an online transport services such as Go-Car or Grab Car or maybe Grab bike or Go-Ride (Go-Jek) for cheap reason. It will be efficient, reasonable price and comfort enough. But, you need install the apps first before order it. Also they will drive you and stop at outside of Ubung station because it’s forbidden for online transport to enter the Ubung minibus station.




  • Mini/Micro Bus (Inter regency/district in Bali province)
  • Trans SARBAGITA Bus (a kind of mass rapid transport)
  • Angkot/Bemo (Inter subdistrict in Denpasar city)



Ubung to Gilimanuk = IDR 40K.
Ubung to Buleleng (Terminal Sukasada) = IDR 30K.
Ubung to Bedugul = IDR 30K.
Ubung to Singaraja (Terminal Banyuasri) = IDR 40K.

*) Uncertain price & No timetable. Since so many Pander/broker in bus station, the price become uncertain or not fix. Moreover if you are tourist or foreigner. They will offering you ticket with high price. Some of them will threat you and force you to use the minibus. This situation deface Bali as tourism destination.


bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_11

bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_10


bali-backpacker_Ubung Bus station_3

bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_13

bali-backpacker_Ubung_minibus station_13


Ubung to Mengwi = IDR 7K.

*) The Trans Sarbagita bus departing 5-6 times in a day. The last bus departing on 9 PM. There is no bus stop/shelter/halte between Ubung and Mengwi. You just ask stop if you want to stop.


bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_trans_sarbagita_at_ubung_7

bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_trans_sarbagita_at_ubung_8

bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_trans_sarbagita_at_ubung_9

*) If you can’t stand waiting the Trans Sarbagita bus because it took so long, better you order an online transport services such as Go-Car or Grab Car. Maybe order Grab bike or Go-Ride (Go-Jek) for cheap reason. It will be efficient, reasonable price and comfort. But, you need walk out of Ubung minibus station, then order the online transport using the apps.


Ubung to Batu Bulan = IDR 15K.
Ubung to Kreneng = IDR ?K.
Ubung to Tegal = IDR 15K.
Ubung to Sanglah = IDR ?K.

*) I still to figure out why there is no fixed price. The price depend on the passenger number. If full loaded you will get cheap price. But, if quiet they will charge more expensive. Very interesting! 😉

**) There is no fixed price in Bali transportation system, except Trans Sarbagita. If the passenger full loaded you will get the price above, but if quiet (little) passenger you will pay more expensive. Seems they applied an operational cost basis since the public transport not so popular today (quiet).


bali-backpacker_Ubung minibus station_angkot_bemo_12



24 hours

Strong signal for your smartphone.


There are some simple cafe (warung) inside of bus station and one seven eleven shop (mini market) in front of the Ubung minibus station.

Some bathroom and toilet

*) You need pay IDR 2K for the toilet fee.

(0361) 427172


bali-backpacker_Ubung Bus station_waiting_room_1


bali-backpacker_Ubung_minibus station_14

*) After the bus station moved to Mengwi, the Ubung station become not crowded (quiet). Today Ubung used as minibus/microbus station only.


bali-backpacker_Ubung Bus station_4

*) You need pay IDR 2K for the toilet fee and take off your sandals/shoes before enter the restroom.


bali-backpacker_Ubung Bus station_5

*) Watchout to Pander/broker in bus station. They offering you ticket with high price. Some of them threat you to use the bus. This kind of man or mafia should be terminated by government or police. When they will gone from Ubung bus station?

**) On April 27th, 2017, the combined police team sweeping the pander or broker in Ubung bus station. They found and caught some pander or broker. Thanks to combined police team of Polda Bali, we really appreciated it.

***) On June 6th, 2017 i watched how cruel the pander pull the passenger and forced them to use the transport. Seems the sweeping by the police is not making any difference.

****) You are not suggested order grab/uber/gojek from this area. Otherwise the driver will be punched by the panders. Just walk out of Ubung minibus station, then order the online transport.

*****) Since October 23rd, 2017 Ubung bus station not used as bus station anymore. All the bus will stop at Mengwi bus station. Today Ubung used as minibus transport station from and to other regency in Bali.

******) Well, It’s not efficient trip using a public transport in Bali. Waste your time, energy and money because sometime it more expensive than Grab or Go-jek because they thought you are tourist and the public transport here without timetable/schedule and no aircon (AC).




1. Pesiapan Minibus (Microbus) Station.
2. Mengwi Bus Station.
3. Sanur Fast/Speed Boat Port.
4. Trans Sarbagita Bus Stop/Shelter/Halte.
5. Tegal Sari Micro/Mini Bus Station.
6. Batubulan Micro/Mini Bus Station.
7. Banyuasri Bus Station.
8. Karangsokong Micro/Mini Bus Station.
9. Sukasada Micro/Mini Bus Station.
10. Bali International Airport.
11. Padang Bai Seaport/Harbor (Ferry Port).
12. Gilimanuk Seaport/Harbor (Ferry Port).
13. Transport to Bromo.
14. Transport to Ijen Crater.
15. Transport to Nusa Penida.

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44 thoughts on “UBUNG Micro/Mini Bus Station (Terminal Ubung) at Denpasar City

    1. kunzbali Post author

      There are two option from Ubung to Gilimanuk:
      1. Direct to Gilimanuk.
      You can take Microbus/Minibus at Ubung. Pay about IDR 40K-45K. Then it will go direct to Gilimanuk.
      2. Transit at Mengwi Bus Station.
      You can take Trans SARBAGITA bus at Ubung. Pay IDR 7K. Then it will go to Mengwi Bus Station.
      Then, you can take a big bus at Mengwi Bus Station. Pay about IDR 30K-35K. Then it will go to Gilimanuk.

      But, seems if you take first option will take a long time since Microbus/Minibus have to wait for other passenger to be full loaded.
      So, i think it’s better if you take the second option. But, it work in the evening time only.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Mengwi to Sanur:
      Please take Trans Sarbagita bus – Stop at Ubung station,
      Then take Angkot/Bemo to Batubulan – Stop at Batubulan Micro/Mini Bus Station.
      Then take Trans Sarbagita bus Corridor 2 – Stop at Sanur halte/shelter.
      It’s not efficient trip, waste your time and energy.
      Better you take Go-jek or Grab bike for efficient and reasonable price.
      You need install the apps first.
      Also they provide Go-car and Grab car.
      Walk to outside of Ubung Micro/Mini Bus station and take Go-jek or Grab bike to Sanur beach.

      Mengwi to Tulamben:
      Please take Trans Sarbagita bus – Stop at Ubung station,
      Then take Angkot/Bemo to Batubulan – Stop at Batubulan Micro/Mini Bus Station.
      Then take Micro/Mini Bus to Amplapura, Karangasem – Stop at Karang Sokong Micro/Mini Bus Station.
      Then take Micro/Mini Bus to Penarukan, Buleleng – Stop at Tulamben.
      I don’t think it will be an efficient trip if you use public transport to Tulamben beach.
      You can rent scooter and drive for 2 hours and 30 minutes.
      Use Google maps for the navigation.
      For comfort reason you can take a private tours.

  1. Yasmin

    Hey, is there a way to go to singaraja by bus? I will be at padang bay port. Someone told me there are buses from menwi bus terminal, but the person wasnt sure about it.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      You can take a minibus/micro bus from Ubung bus station to Singaraja.
      But, the departing time is not sure.
      Usually they will wait for other passenger before departing.

      You can take a Micro/Mini Bus at Padang Bai seaport and stop at Batubulan Micro/Mini Bus Station.
      But, this transport is very rare.
      Then take Angkot/Bemo at Batubulan to Ubung and stop at Ubung Micro/Mini Bus Station.
      Then take Micro/Mini Bus at Ubung to Singaraja and stop at Sukasada Micro/Mini Bus Station.

      1. Yasmin

        Hello, I didnt understand. Is there buses from mengwi bus station to singaraja at afternoon? Do you know how much does it cost more or less?

        Thank you!

        1. kunzbali Post author

          No buses from mengwi bus station to singaraja.
          They only have taxi which is very expensive.
          Mengwi bus station olny provide bus services to other province.

          Otherwise, you can walk to the traffic light nearby.
          It’s about 500 meter east of Mengwi bus station.
          Then take a Micro/Mini Bus to Singaraja.

          Better you take a micro bus to Singaraja at Ubung micro bus station.
          It starting point of the Micro/Mini Bus to Singaraja.

    1. kunzbali Post author


      Sorry, today i’m in Yogyakarta, Java.
      I will figure it out when i arrive in Bali.

      Sorry for the late response.
      The fee is IDR 30K-35K.
      Depend on the condition.
      If full loaded it will be IDR 30K.
      But, if quiet it will be IDR 35K.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Sorry, you put the question in the wrong post/article.
      This post talking about Ubung minibus station, not Kuta or Tabanan.
      Better you put your question in here:

      Anyway i will answer your question.
      There was a Trans Sarbagita bus from Ngurah Rai airport to Tabanan and vice versa.
      It passed Kuta central parking.
      But, today it’s not working anymore due to some reason.
      Seems the local government no strong will to make public transport getting better.
      I suggest you to take an online scooter taxi such as Go-jek (Go-ride) or Grab bike.
      Otherwise, you can take an online cab (taxi) such as Go-car or Grab car.
      Their price reasonable and you need install the apps first.

  2. Andrée

    Maybe not in the good chat but…
    I know there is bus between Gilimanuk & Singaraja but… Do they stop in Pemuteran to go to Singaraja ? And do you know if we can find schedules somewhere ?
    Thank you ?

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Sorry, you put a question in the wrong article/post.
      You should put it in Gilimanuk post, not in the Ubung bus station article.
      But, i try to answer your question here.

      Yes, there are some buses and microbus/minibus from Gilimanuk to Singaraja.
      I think you can ask them to stop at Pemuteran since they will pass it.
      Sorry, i have no schedule or timetable of buses in Gilimanuk.

      If you start from Ubung minibus/microbus station,
      you can take a minibus/microbus at Ubung,
      then stop at Singaraja bus station.
      Then take a a minibus/microbus to Gilimanuk.
      Then ask stop at Pemuteran.

  3. Lisa

    We asked last week at mengwi for the bus to gillimanuk.
    And everyone said no bus drives from mengwi to gillimanuk?!
    We would need to drive from ubung?!

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Gilimanuk is not the last destination of the buses.
      Off course there is no buses with the last destination at Gilimanuk.
      But, usually they will go to some city in Java.
      And you can use their services and stop at Gilimanuk or Ketapang (after Ferry).
      Otherwise, you can walk to the Jalan Raya Denpasar Gilimanuk street from the Mengwi station.
      It’s about 500 meter south of Mengwi bus station or 8 minutes walking.
      Then walk across the Jalan Raya Denpasar Gilimanuk street.
      It’s on other side.
      Then you can take a minibus/microbus to Gilimanuk.
      So, you don’t need drive from Ubung.
      Even Gilimanuk closer from Mengwi than from Ubung.

      *) Just info. Today on the day time the bus at Mengwi not drive to Gilimanuk.
      They will drive on the night time only, when the microbus/minibus off.
      Seems they avoid conflict with the local public transport since it has the same route.

    1. kunzbali Post author


      Well, it depend on your former location actually.
      Where is your location before departing to Medewi?

      You can take a mini/micro bus at Ubung bus station.
      Take route to Gilimanuk and stop near Medewi beach street.
      But, actually you can take a mini/micro bus along the route,
      Between Ubung and Medewi.
      This kind of transport can pick up and drop off passenger in anywhere along the route.
      I mean no need stop at bus station.
      Then after you stop, you can take a walk to Medewi beach.
      It’s around 250 meter or 3 minutes walking.

      You’re welcome, Ken.

    1. kunzbali Post author


      There is no direct transport from Ubung station to Ubud.
      First, you have to take an Angkot/Bemo/Mikrolet/Suzuki Carry at Ubung and go to Batubulan.
      Then, take a Minibus/Microbus/Isuzu at Batubulan and go to Ubud.
      But, those kind of transport are not effective and not efficient.
      I mean you will spend a lot of time to wait them.
      Even in afternoon sometime you can’t find them.
      So, the other options is use an online transport such as Go-jek or Grab.
      Their price are reasonable.
      But, you have to install the apps first.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      I think the last Microbus/minibus in Ubung is at 1 PM.
      Let me know if i made a mistake information.

  4. chiara

    Hi, i was planning to leave the gili in the morning and arrive in pandang pai or denpasar port (which do you suggest me) and by bus arrive ti the port of gilimanuk. can you tel me which is the best way for you, considering that i would like leave the gili with the first boat (9 am). and i will be able to arrive in a good hour at maximum n the evening at gilimanuk harbour? thank you so much

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Chiara,

      I suggest you to take the first boat and stop at Sanur port, Denpasar.
      Then, order online Go-jek or Grab scooter to Ubung bus station.
      Then, take a Minibus or Microbus to Gilimanuk.

      Padang Bai is too far to Ubung bus station.
      So, i suggest you to stop at Sanur port, Denpasar.

  5. Alan

    Hi !
    We (2 people) need to get from Ubud to Gilimanuk during daytime, where do you advice us to take the bus/minivan? At what time should we be at the terminal?

    Thanks a lot !

    1. kunzbali Post author


      On the day time you should take a Minibus/Microbus.
      You can take it on the highway on Denpasar-Gilimanuk street.
      No need take it from Ubung bus station.
      From Ubud you can take a Grab or Go-jek, then continue take a Minibus/Microbus.
      The last Minibus/Microbus at 2 PM.

  6. dika

    Great article.
    I’m going to visit Bali tomorrow by flight from Kertajati. And wanna take land transportation and ferry first on my way home then use flight again from Surabaya. Do you think the bus from Ubung to Gilimanuk will accept on-street passenger? If so, where I can wait for them to pass by? I don’t think I want to walk from outside Ubung area to the terminal since I certainly will take Go/Grab-car from wherever my hotel is. Any advice? Thanks

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Dika,

      1. Yes, the Mini/Micro bus from Ubung to Gilimanuk will accept on-street passenger.
      2. You can wait them on along the main road Ubung – Gilimanuk street.
      3. Yes, you don’t need to enter Terminal Ubung.

      If you want to go to Surabaya city, i suggest you to take a bus at Mengwi bus station.
      Some of buses will go direct to Surabaya.
      It means more comfort for you and not spend much time on the trip.
      The price also include the Ferry cost at Gilimanuk.

      If you take a Micro/Mini bus at Ubung, you will spend much time to wait them.
      Also the trip distance itself and many times stop to pickup other passenger.
      Micro/Mini bus at Ubung also without aircon (AC).
      This kind of transport not really reliable actually.

      Other option, you can take a travel car from Denpasar to Surabaya.
      They can drop you off at Surabaya airport, but there will be additional charges for sure.
      Good luck and have a nice trip!

      1. dika

        thanks for reply
        I’m planning to stay and explore Banyuwangi first. Don’t need a direct bus to Surabaya haha
        Also, I’ve already booked a train from Banyuwangi to Surabaya. How much time did it spend to reach Gili with microbus?

        1. kunzbali Post author

          I see.
          The Micro/Mini bus take around 3 hours until 5 hours trip in worst scenario.
          It depend on the traffic, total passenger, Micro/Mini bus condition, ceremony on the street, etc.
          Enjoy your trip!

        1. kunzbali Post author

          You need to go to Kuta central parking first.
          Then take a Minibus/Microbus/Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Elf and stop at Tegal Sari bus station.
          Then take an Angkot at Tegal Sari and stop at Ubung bus station.
          Then take a Minibus/Microbus/Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Elf at Ubung and stop at Gilimanuk.

          Otherwise, you can take an online transport such as Grab or Go-jek at Legian to Ubung.
          Then take a Minibus/Microbus/Isuzu/Mitsubishi at Ubung and stop at Gilimanuk.
          It more efficient trip.

  7. Ramo

    First, thank you for this great website ! I need some help to go to Banuywangui from Amed. The aim is to go to Ijen after Banuywangui. I think I should go first to Ubung terminal, right?
    How could I reach the Ubung terminal, please? I only find a shuttle bus which go from Amed to Sanur but it leaves at 11.30 am so I think I would arrive to late at Ubung to take a microbus? May you give me some advices, please?

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Ramo,

      Thank you i’m flattered.
      You don’t need to go to Ubung Terminal.
      From Amed beach, you can go to Culik market first.
      You can take a local scooter taxi from Amed beach to Culik market.
      I suggest you to start on early morning like 7 AM.
      Then take a Mini/Micro bus at Culik market and stop at Penarukan Terminal.
      Then take a Bemo/Angkot/Suzuki Carry at Penarukan Terminal and stop at Banyuasri Terminal.
      Then take a Mini/Micro bus at Banyuasri Terminal and stop at Gilimanuk Ferry harbour.
      Then take a Ferry boat to Ketapang, Banyuwangi harbour.
      Then take a scooter taxi at Ketapang and stop at Karangasem Train Station.
      Then find a backpacker basecamp called ‘Rumah Singgah Banyuwangi’.
      It’s near to Karangasem train station and it’s a free place to stay.
      Nice, clean and friendly people.
      You will meet other traveler here.
      You can plan your trip to Ijen in here and share the cost of scooter rental with other traveler.
      In the midnight you can start trip to Ijen crater by scooter.
      Catching Ijen Blue Fire possible to see in the night time only.
      For more detail you can check this link:

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Well, local transport like Minibus/Microbus does not have schedule (timetable) actually.
      They just departing when the passenger already full or almost full.

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