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Roni Kunz special thanks to:

  1. God or Tuhan or Sang Hyang (whatever His name).
  2. Cak Nun.
  3. Bu Bambang (room rent in Denpasar)
  4. Topan
  5. Hardian.
  6. Brams
  7. Doni Rivai (IT advisor)
  8. Putu Widana Putra (Trans SARBAGITA info)
  9. Kadek Supartawan (Trans SARBAGITA info)
  10. Anam & Steven.
  11. Anang
  12. Justin (Photo editor & pamflet designer)
  13. Stella Valentinova (Camera)
  14. Bu Era (room rent in Ubud)
  15. Pekak
  16. Teguh (worker at Nusa Penida ‘NJA’ Ferry)
  17. RIP Dwi Hermawanto “Gus Wawan” (The Best SEO Master)
  18. Wresy Bremanti (My niece)
  19. Wisnu
  20. Mas J from Izamedia
  21. Faishal (Theme editor)
  22. Agung Kintamani
  23. Nomad Eng Naftali
  24. Mr Iwan Kahiyang coffee
  25. Mr Tony 9 Angels
  26. Mas Bimo
  27. Delita
  28. Eva
  29. Monica
  30. Lolet
  31. Couchsurfer or traveler who accompanied me visited & explored the sightseeing in Bali

Traveler from Poland:


Couchsurfer from Ukraine:


A buddhist nun (couchsurfer) from Vietnam:


Couchsurfer from Russia & Indonesia:


Couchsurfer from Netherland, Moldova & Indonesia:


Couchsurfer from France & Indonesia:


 Couchsurfer from Bulgaria:


Couchsurfer from Russia:


Couchsurfer from Singapore:


Couchsurfer from Russia:


Couchsurfer from Japan:


Couchsurfer from Ukraine & Indonesia:


Couchsurfer from Japan:


Couchsurfer from Argentina, Germany & Indonesia:


Couchsurfer from Germany:


Couchsurfer from Taiwan:


Couchsurfer from Spain:


Couchsurfer from Russia:


Traveler from Taiwan:


Couchsurfer from New Zealand:


10 thoughts on “Thanks to

  1. Josh

    Hi roni,

    I would like to ask whether you have any tour packages for two person in Bali for three days two night. We are looking for adventure plus relaxing trip. I recommended by priyono.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for reach me in my new travel blog.
      The tour packages is not ready yet since i didn’t found any local driver that matched with my standard & criteria.
      I had a few bad experience with the local driver here.
      Seems it’s hard to find honest person.
      I will inform you if we have the drivers with excellent services in Bali.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      You’re welcome, Rudra.
      It’s my honor to present high quality travel blog.
      Very informative, detail and updated.

  2. Maryatul Qibtiyah

    Hi Roni!
    I’m from Bekasi, Indonesia. At the first, I thought this made by non-Indonesian citizen because the packaging of this blog is superb!

    Hope that I can create blog like this.
    Thank you for your itinerary Roni. Definitely I will follow your itinerary since it will be my first time visiting Bali.
    Thank you so much again.

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Maryatul,

      You’re welcome.
      Well, you can also create a blog like this.
      Even better than mine. 😉

      Glad to know that my itineraries helpful for you.
      Have a nice trip in Bali.

  3. An

    He Roni ? I’m still looking for a CS space from the 16th of August,.. so short time left,.. I hope you are from Ubud I couldn’t find that out, but you seem like an awesome guy and maybe you have time to host me? Best wishes Anika

    1. kunzbali Post author

      Hi Anika,

      I don’t mind to be your host.
      But, unfortunately today i’m in Yogyakarta, Java.
      So, i can’t to be your host.

      Some of my friends living in Ubud.
      They are CS member too.
      You can search on and type their names:
      Pramana syaiful and Agus Kun.
      I just check on CS apps that they are available.
      Please, try to send a message or request to stay.

      Roni Kuncoro

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