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If you still confused or need more help, you can contact us:

Roni Kuncoro:
Phone: +6282241413232

Email: [email protected]

*) Please put your question in comment section of the article/post you interested. I will answer as soon as possible. Don’t ask directly to my number or my email.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Mariska Gunawan

    Hi, my name Mariska, I interested with free yoga class in Sanur
    Do you have Saturday morning yoga class? I only free on Saturday and Sunday (holiday).
    Do you have rental yoga mat?
    Thank you

  2. Stephen Greene


    I’d like to give you money via paypal for you to post a link to my site. Would you be interested in something like that?


    1. kunzbali Post author


      How much you propose and for how long?
      What link do you want?
      Let’s talk on private message such as email.

      Roni Kuncoro

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