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My name is Roni Kuncoro.
After i finished yogya-backpacker.com, i start to write bali-backpacker.com.
In the end of March 2017, i arrived in Bali with my bike.
I prefer named it as “bikepacker”, a traveler with a bike + backpack.

Bali is an island with beautiful sight view.
Many destinations, many things to see and do, many events.
Rich in culture, awesome ceremony, amazing heritage sights.
No argue, it’s a land of god and goddess.

The difference this travel blog than travel blog before is,
i put the entrance ticket picture and best time to visit.
Also i put the day of ceremony in popular temples in Bali.
You can plan your trip in the same time with the ceremony.
So, you can see the amazing culture of Bali.

Also i arrange and wrote the awesome itineraries in Bali.
It based on my experience visiting some places in many times.
The itinerary considering the location and the normal time that you will spend.
I think your trip will be efficient and effective if you use this itineraries.
It will take two weeks to visit whole places (sight seeing) in Bali if you use this.

I hope this travel blog can be used by any travelers,
making a plan, itinerary, choose accommodation and calculating budget.
I thanks to travelers & couchsurfer who accompanied me,
visiting and exploring the sight seeing in Bali.

Yes, just like other traveler who visited Bali.
I amazed and falling in love with Bali.
Finally, i decided to stay and live in Bali.

Warm regards.
Roni Kuncoro

P.S.: Well, i’m not a kind of tourist/traveler who visited one place and wrote the article/post on the travel blog. I visited one place for many times and update the articles/posts again and again. That’s why my travel blog become popular because of the information is very detail and updated. It helps a lot for travelers to plan their trip. I hope it will be useful for you too. 😉








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    1. kunzbali Post author

      I living in Ubud now.
      Sometime traveling around accompanying couchsurfing members.
      Updated the content & information for sure.:-)

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